Dust Control

Leon Degagne Ltd.

Leon DeGagne Ltd. Shop What began as a single-truck log hauling operation in 1968 now spans five separate licenses on the Crossroute Forest and daily activities include everything from road building to log hauling. The company was established by Leon DeGagne and has grown to include his wife, two children, and 12 full-time employees.

The goals of Leon DeGagne Ltd. are:

  • to be a responsible corporate citizen
  • to be open and responsive to the ideas, needs and concerns of our customers and employees
  • to integrate environmental considerations into our business decisions
  • to design and modify our processes to minimize their environmental, and health and safety impact
  • to foster partnerships among key stakeholders to find practical solutions to the ever challenging and changing forest industry

Leon DeGagne Ltd. prides itself on it's commitment to the forestry community and has been involved in a number of organizations over the years. Leon has been on the executive of the Northwest Forest Network, lobbied government at Lands for Life rally, been on the executive of the Flanders Independent Operators and Rainy River District Loggers Safety Committee. Leon has also actively promoted sustainable forestry, through tours of his operation, to numerous dignitaries including members of the World Health Organization and faculty members from various university Forestry Departments.

The next generation looks forward to continuing the legacy Leon has created in the forest industry.

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